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ARBITRATOR SERVICES: Are you handling a complex technology matter or business dispute and looking for an arbitrator who can fully understand the issues? Clyde H. Wilson, Jr. acts as the firm’s arbitrator.

• Forty years trial practice (business, technology and I.P. cases)
• Lead counsel representing clients in forty-four states & several foreign countries
• Balanced history of representing plaintiffs & defendants
• Experienced in arbitration both as an advocate & as an arbitrator
• Utilizes best practices learned from hundreds of appearances before many excellent judges & arbitrators
• Available to hold trials in locations most convenient to parties (or in Sarasota facility)
• Start your trial on a date certain, never “stacked” on a trail waitlist
• Always courteous, judicious and studious

LITIGATION: While we are best known for litigation of technology cases throughout the United States, we also serve technology companies, and the users of technology, in tailored approaches to:

• Intellectual property litigation
• Faulty software and services litigation
• Licensing
• Venture capital arrangements
• Strategic alliances
• Consulting and employment contracts
• Strategic legal planning
• Transactional needs
• Litigation avoidance and dispute resolution

INDUSTRY/CLIENTS: We have experience representing and understanding technology companies, and technology users, in many fields, including:

• Software
• Computer technology
• Internet technology and services
• Biotechnology
• Engineering
• Technology consulting
• Medical devices
• Mechanics
• Optics

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